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Products are exported to the Egyptian/Algeria regulations

 From May 1, 2009, all our exports to Egypt's industrial products are subject to inspection and quarantine departments implement a pre-shipment inspection, or may result in return. Egypt requested by the Government of Egypt of trade and industry recently and the State General Administration of quality supervision on Chinese exports of industrial products was signed memorandum of understanding on pre-shipment inspection. Under the terms of this agreement, effective May 1, 2009, China's exports to Egypt carries out pre-shipment inspection of industrial products. After Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Egypt became the third countries require pre-shipment inspection. Egypt Government requires that each group of imports of industrial products from China, shall be implemented by the Chinese State administration for entry-exit inspection and quarantine institutions pre-shipment inspection and pre-shipment inspection certificate was issued, and certificates as Egypt customs tariffs, customs and banking foreign exchange settlement of valid credentials. Pre-shipment inspection including inspection, approved and price monitoring Mount of three elements. Specific inspection projects and standards under Egypt related laws and agreements to determine. Egypt is one of the Shenzhen products are important export markets, export growth year after year. According to the Shenzhen inspection and Quarantine Bureau statistics, 2008, Shenzhen export Egypt statutory surveys product amounted to us $ more than 47.77 million, than in 2007 increased by 10.5%, including video equipment, home appliances and other products. In this regard, remind the relevant export inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Shenzhen enterprises: should be well informed Egypt of the relevant laws and regulations and standards, inspection and quarantine departments, pre-shipment inspection in a timely manner, and set aside sufficient test loading time to avoid at that time due to being unable to provide a pre-shipment inspection certificate Egypt authorities returned, leading to unnecessary economic losses. Relevant circumstances may log the AQSIQ Web site or call the Shenzhen inspection and quarantine bureaux's consultation. Recently, Algeria provided for all goods from China Hong Kong China's inspection and quarantine departments of the certificate of inspection issued by the clearance, measures, causing cargo stranded in Hong Kong. National quality General now is and c party emergency consultations, requirements its for without test but has shipped of goods provides transition period, to avoid my products in c was mass of back games and destroyed, test quarantine sector reminds related export Enterprise do following work: a, and related enterprise on c export of all commodity, including immigration test quarantine body implementation test quarantine of exit commodity directory outside of commodity, should in export Qian timely to dependency test quarantine body applications test and apply for test certificate. Second, exports of Algeria have reached the port of shipment of the goods, may apply to the port inspection and quarantine institutions applying for inspection and inspection certificate. Three, exporters may make inspection, certification and other related issues to the Shenzhen entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau for further consultation, Advisory phone see "export inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Shenzhen Egypt, and Algeria product testing your window table" (see annex). At the same time, inspection and quarantine departments want businesses to reflect its own products in Algeria detained or returned, pending consultation arrangements measures agreed after the reunification, preserve their own interests to the maximum.
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