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Shenzhen Transportation

         The Shenzhen freight transportation act for a department
         There is the customs entry of the goods demand conveyance?Your understanding contain a tax import quick luck of special advantage.You again whether the understanding goods turn customs entry from Hong Kong the one and only of advantage.
        Our company own maritime customs to pay customs duties, everyone's noodleses such as company's check(report check), conveyance and government business etc. be experienced experienced profession personnel, particularly have good good reputation and harmonious social interaction in each seaport of maritime customs of Shenzhen, ability provide for you safety steady, fast and unimpeded, province heart trust of Hong Kong(or abroad through turn in Hong Kong) to local goods import the customs clearance one-stop professional service.
【Service brief introduction 】         Contain a tax import quick luck-the goods turn to from Hong Kong or from the abroad through Hong Kong domestic:(harbor in quick luck)The kilogram account all of price, expenses pack and the generation turn a payment and deal all customs clearance procedure(report check, pay customs duties, pure pass, list certificate etc.)
        1, procedure the simple - deal list all of certificate procedure pack
        2, safety have no sorrow - regular pay customs duties absolute safety
        3, the expenses reasonable - contain a tax to contain a fee kilogram to account price
        4, speed especially quick - normal 1-2 days arrive goods
※Special hint:Big Zong Huo4, cabinet goods need to tear open to press to spread goods to pay customs duties import and search is welcome ※
Be applicable to the following goods:
        Various problem goods, urgent goods, back a luck to back pass goods, spread goods(small piece goods), advertisement sample, sundries(spread sundries and pull sundries), big container goods(need to be dismantle spread goods), personal self-use a product and move house product, various special request goods(contraband excepted).
【Special features service 】        increase in value special features service-contain a tax import quick luck"ten Dalian wreaths service":

① Goods abroad/Hong Kong deal purchase procedure,
② to on behalf transmit a payment,
③ abroad the conveyance go to Hong Kong,,
④ to make the Hong Kong consignee(Consignee) collection goods,
⑤ Hong Kong of your company to pay customs duties and deal permit(like textile product permit),
⑥ Hong Kong to connect goods/lift Hong Kong godown of the goods,
⑦ my company to the Shenzhen godown to contain a tax quick luck,
⑧ Shenzhen cent the goods,
⑨ Shenzhen deliver goods/the other parts of country deal to check,
⑩ the goods track etc. the ten greatest links whole process.

【Service advantage 】        We do import, profession so trust!
【Service brief name 】        Customs entry conveyance, pay customs duties, import act for, act for pay customs duties, the customs entry, Shenzhen pay customs duties, quick the piece pay customs duties, the import and export pay customs duties, import and export act for, import act for to pay customs duties a company, spread sundries import conveyance, outside Mao act for, deep harbor quick piece/harbor deep quick piece, Hong Kong Shenzhen import quick the piece pay customs duties, report check(company check) pay customs duties, medium harbor quick piece, quick the piece pay customs duties/quick the piece be pure pass/quick piece import, deep harbor express delivery/medium the harbor express delivery, express delivery pay customs duties/the express delivery be pure pass/express delivery import, deep the harbor soon pass/medium the harbor soon pass, deep harbor conveyance/medium harbor conveyance, deep harbor freight transportation/medium harbor freight transportation, deep harbor quick luck/medium harbor quick luck, deep harbor land transportation/medium the harbor land transportation, Hong Kong take goods, import and export logistics, pay customs duties conveyance, Shenzhen import and export in Hong Kong act for, international conveyance/international freight transportation/international logistics


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