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International Transportation

     The international freight transportation act for a department
Act for import-export business scope:     Profession import act for profession export act for agency import and export to pay customs duties, import and export act for, import and export in Guangzhou act for, Shenzhen act for the import and export pay customs duties, act for goods export, act for export goods, act for export pay customs duties, act for pay customs duties, customs clearance list certificate, import and export list certificate, company check act for, shipping act for, business agent check, smoked steam a certificate act for to plant check, deal the certificate of Pu Hui(deal Form A), deal a habitat certificate(deal C/O)
     My company will take orders'trustworthiness, respect-work, technique, innovation'of corporate culture, for the customer provide the following service:
A.Act for to export:I department have strong funds real strenght, well-found in customer's voucher under the premise provide mat to pay to tax refund service, and provide settlement of exchange, pit sell, payment, review a certificate, make list, entrust, company check, conveyance, pay customs duties etc. complete set act for to export service.Our main advantages lie in:
     1. my department belong to state-run profession import and export company, one of Mao business enterprise outside the framework in Guangzhou City, own good international popularity and good reputation degree, choice I department Be an import and export business agent, be advantageous to the image and the position which promote to entrust a colleague on the international market, strengthen outside company of trust feeling, be advantageous to extension contract bargain sum and international market quota more.
     2. the funds real strenght be strong, the foreign exchange arrive me department debt behind three inside workday, then settlement of exchange.
     3. society relation vast, and maritime customs, tax bureau, company check, outside tube, medicine Jian, organization associations such as Mao Cu, freight transportation and express delivery etc. and other trade related organization all keep close and good social intercourse relation, at whole country each main seaport all have already keep on record, can direct pay customs duties export.
     4. act for product category well-found, the year import and export create to remit a sum over 80,000,000 the United States circle, have abundant of product experience.
     5. act for service charge low, well-found in the voucher under the premise, can the mat pay to tax refund and be advantageous to speed the financing of business enterprise.
B.Act for import:After the customer and abroad supplier negotiate very basic clinch a deal condition, I department will provide agency import service for the customer, concrete as follows:     1. provide a consultation for the customer, analysis maritime customs policy, the plan usher in a project.
     2. be responsible for signing import business contract, and the concrete implement tracked contract and performance progress.
     3. help the customer work well import ex- period preparation work, carry out import various data need.
     4. provide a tax gold the budget and carry out import to pay tax or reduce tax-free to declare a procedure.
     5. Carry out goods to the customs entry of landing port, company check, Wei check etc. procedure, realization fast pure pass.All product act for import fast please pass, list the certificate be pure for well-found day pass, pure pass especially quick!Enjoy "express line" that the Guangzhou maritime customs, airport in Guangzhou give.
     6. carry out import balance of accounts with pay to remit pit to sell a procedure.
     7. the company own a perfect stereoscopic transportation network to open the exhibition sea transportation import and export goods of international goods conveyance act for business, include Lan goods, order cabin, warehouse, tug boat trailer conveyance, gather to pack to put together to pack to dismantle a box, balance of accounts luck miscellaneous fee, pay customs duties, report check, insurance's etc. related flood and field road conveyance service.
     The company have a foothold Guangzhou, face to Pearl Rever Delta and domestic main coast city, at domestic establish subsidiary and office, built up to take Guangzhou as topic of perfect domestic act for network.Strong broad act for the network make company professional in the industry have absolute competitive advantage, world the main port all have my department act for, for the customer provide many angle, diversified multinational service..The company is main management international freight transportation act for, ship generation, the through traffic, trailer of the import and export goods, warehouse and pay customs duties etc. business.
     The company all over Hong Kong, Guangzhou of the service network, a time Yu, Huang2 Bu3 , Fo mountain, agreeable virtuous, south rather, Wu state, Shanghai, rather wave, Tienjin, Qingdao, Dalian, Nanking, Taipei, Shenzhen, Xiamen, the spring state, Fuzhou, the blessing be pure, Shan head, tide continent, Cheng sea, medium mountain, small Lan, river's door, bead sea, Zhan river etc. port city region., Act for MSC, MEARSK, HYUNDAI, ZIM, YANGMING, UASC, CMA, HEUNG-A …… sea in the Shenzhen/bead/medium mountain/river's door/agreeable virtuous each port all can accept goods! 
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